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Air Springs

Goodyear Air Springs are engineered and manufactured with the highest quality materials using the best testing protocols to consistently deliver trusted products. Through design Goodyear Air Bags are superior to competitors resulting in greater resistance to puncture. Goodyear Truck Air Springs have better return on investment, and this results in better uptime and cost savings as Goodyear units are original equipment quality.

Associated Products, Services and Accessories

Garlock provides many other products, services and accessories such as food grade seals, hose, sleeves & fittings, specialised cutting, packing and tamping tools, lubrication products, o’rings, crown bushes and more..

Axle Nuts

STEMCO Axle fasteners control axial motion, holding bearing settings in correct tolerance allowing for longer wheel end life. STEMCO axle nuts are designed to reduce tyre wear and positively increase fuel economy, wheel end and seal performance and life. The range of STEMCO axle nuts allows mechanics to easily adjust and maintain correct bearing adjustment without any complex procedures resulting in a safer outcome for fleets that specify STEMCO.

Bearing and Seal Kits

STEMCO Australia offers the best priced bearing and seal kit option on the market – no compromise on quality. One Kit per wheel end and one part number – makes it simple. Trusted components from the most respected wheel end components manufacturer.


STEMCO tapered roller bearings deliver unmatched quality and reliability and form part of our promise of Making the Roadways Safer®. STEMCO trailer bearings are standard position with many trailer and axle manufactures allowing the complete wheel end to be fitted with “Built by STEMCO” parts ensuring wheel end integrity.

Compression Packing

Garlock has a comprehensive and proven compression packing range with products to suit standard and high-stress conditions. Construction materials include Graphite, PTFE, Aramid and Synthetic Fibres and combine with engineered lubrication systems..


Detectomer® products include Tri-Clamp® gaskets, screens, orifice plates, camlock gaskets/screens, rod, sheet, and scraper blades and are available in a wide variety of sizes and elastomers.

Gate Reader and RF & Bluetooth Hubodometers

STEMCO Gate Reader and linked Electronic Hubodometers maximise available information allowing fleet managers to make smart decisions that simplify maintenance procedures and improve overall fleet safety. Maintain peace of mind knowing critical distance information is being tracked with the highest accuracy and visibility.
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